Pink and Green Go Together at This Stylish Eatery

Now you can go green, think pink, and — we don’t know — maybe randomly verb some other color all at the same time.

When the famously fun Mexican mini-chain Pink Taco opened a third location in Century City, Los Angeles, they asked us to create custom tabletops from reclaimed materials.

What’s Spanish for “tickled pink”? (Horrible line. Sorry. The blog’s been hacked into by Parade magazine again.)

Pink Taco’s brazenly unique décor and signature painted finish provide a daring and ideal complement to the character of our reclaimed antique maple and pine.

With locations in Vegas, Scottsdale, Arizona, and now L.A., Pink Taco is fast making a splash on the Western frontier, winning over diners with its festive ambience and flair for fun.

In 2006, the restaurant bid on the naming rights to the Arizona Cardinals’ stadium in Glendale. Sadly, the Cardinals currently play on the drearily named University of Phoenix Stadium instead of Pink Taco Coliseum!, which just about everyone in the world apart from Arizona Cardinals management and the NFL commissioner would much prefer.

Fortunately, if you live in the Southwest or on the coast or are due for a visit, you can enjoy a piquant repast in a unique setting, knowing that the restaurant’s owners like to blend environmentally sound decisions with a dash of joyful verve. Whether working on new construction or a retrofit, reclaimed wood tabletops remain a great green option for the food service industry — something that Pink Taco and a growing number of restaurateurs well understand.