Miss Otis Regrets She Didn't Recycle

It’s one thing to reclaim old-world building materials and extract some crude utilitarian value; it’s another thing entirely to do it with an eye toward transforming those materials through sleek and modern design.

At Urban Evolutions, we understand the difference between simply rescuing materials and genuinely giving them new life — between true reclamation and bare-bones recycling.

One is Cole Porter sung with a sultry panache in a vintage Manhattan martini lounge; the other is Bob Denver traveling around the country doing autograph signings in his Gilligan costume.

All of the above-pictured items demonstrate our knack for reimagining reclaimed materials through modern design while at the same time retaining a dash of rustic dignity.

Here’s the rundown:

60-inch Round Reclaimed Cypress Table. Our round dining table uses four timber legs and a beautiful reclaimed cypress top. The table is also available in reclaimed pine.

Tank Decking Runner Table. This reclaimed elm dining table features an inset runner of weathered Douglas fir, which was originally used as decking around large vinegar tanks.

Pickle Barrel Tank Stock Dresser. This versatile four-drawer dresser can just as easily be used as a console or sideboard. The addition of reclaimed cypress or Douglas fir to the dark-stained acacia wood adds a warm, reclaimed feel to this contemporary piece.

Vertical Plank Bed. Constructed of reclaimed Douglas fir, redwood and cypress, our vertical plank bed features handsome woods in varied widths to create a clean look. The platform construction allows it to seamlessly integrate with clean-lined interiors.

Reclaimed Timbers. Our reclaimed timbers are available in hand-sculpted and scooped forms. Each provides an ideal coffee table, end table, or pure sculptural accent to a room. Wood species include reclaimed heart pine, hemlock and Douglas fir.